Meet Malika Grace

Hello friends! I'm originally from sunny Southern California but now proudly calling Dallas, Texas my home. I'm not just your average content creator and interior stylist – I've got the knack for turning spaces into dreamy havens!

In 2021, I launched DakorBox Home Decor and this is by far the best community. It's not just about content creation for me; it's about curating a life and home that I absolutely love, and I'm bringing you along on my journey.

I love sharing my DIY projects and transformations, I love even more to spill the beans about home styling, cleaning hacks, organization tricks, and my absolute must-have products. There’s no gate-keeping going on here! 

But my purpose goes beyond just making my own space Insta-worthy. I'm here to inspire you to embrace your unique style and transform your space into a personal haven. Worried about budget constraints? No problem at all! I firmly believe that with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of DIY magic, everyone can create a space they love. 

Let's make your home a reflection of you! I’m so happy that you are here! 

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