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Owner's Suite- Bedroom


Step into my personal sanctuary!

With its inviting neutral tones and striking touches of bold black, this space has truly transformed into a cozy oasis. This room is the perfect blend of tranquility and sophistication!

Living Room


Welcome to my living room, a space that has undergone a delightful evolution throughout the years. I'm thrilled to share with you the journey it has taken and the direction it's headed. With a soothing palette of cream, white, gentle browns, and touches of greenery, the ambiance of this room exudes unparalleled comfort.

Guest Bedroom


Welcome to the ultimate retreat! Picture a space that effortlessly captures the essence of a home away from home—inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. From the cozy embrace of personalized pillows to the thoughtful inclusion of a basket filled with home essentials, every detail is curated to ensure that guests never want to leave.


As an avid cook, the kitchen stands out as one of the most cherished spaces within my home.


Creating a space where I can thrive and be productive is paramount to me. My home office holds a special place in my heart; deliberately distinct in color palette from the rest of my home, it serves as a sanctuary where I can maintain a healthy work-life balance while pursuing my passions.


Recently, I've embarked on a journey to revamp my laundry room, and it has quickly become one of the highlights of my home. With a focus on budget-friendly updates, I've transformed this space into a haven of simplicity and functionality. The incorporation of neutral tones and subtle details has elevated laundry day to one of my favorite moments, adding a touch of joy and calmness to my routine.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What are the paint colors that you have in your home?

  • Interior Walls: Snip of Tannin (41) by Kelly Moore Paints
  • Interior Trim: Antique White (49) by Kelly Moore Paints

Who is the builder of your home?

The builder of my home is BloomField Homes and was built in 2016.