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Our how-to guide on how to size, care, and style our pillows.

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Luxury bedding and pillows requires some special attention, but it isn't difficult.

When you have a pillow made of materials like silk, cashmere, or sateen, it's always best to dry clean them when you can. But that doesn't mean you can't keep them spotless using this handy little trick: use mild soap and water. That's all there is to it!


You've likely noticed that pillows can be arranged in any number of ways. You may have even found that your creative arrangement of pillows can help you discover what feels best for you! For example: Whether you prefer fluffed or chopped pillows, let each pillow placement be uniquely yours. The more layers you add in the form of different sizes, prints and detail, the more character will be added to your home.

Pillows are the unsung heroes of interior design. While they may not get as much attention as your drapery or flooring, they are a key ingredient to making the rooms in your home pop.


Pillow covers are great to have when you want a whole new look for your room. Pillow covers are stored best when they're in a cool, dry place, or even better when they're kept in a garment/plastic storage bag. Keeping them protected from light and other elements ensures that they last longer.

You should store your pillow covers away from extreme temperature changes, as well as direct sunlight, so that the colors don't fade and you can use them for years to come!

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